Passover Cookies

This week starts the beginning of Passover and the ending of carb consumption for a week.  Therefore we need to do all that we can to make our meals as appetizing as possible!  Aside from matzah pizza, matzah brei, and more matzah there really aren’t many options.  However, I have a recipe for Passover appropriate cookies that are perfect for satisfying your junk food craving this week.  My friend Rachel made her traditional Passover cookies, and they were surprisingly very good for cookies made of matzah batter.


  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup peanut oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 cup matzah cake meal 
  • m&ms


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  • Mix all of the ingredients together in a big bowl
  • Make hand-sized balls of dough and flatten them on a cookie sheet
  • Make a thumbprint in the middle of each cookie dough
  • Heat in oven for 8-10 minutes
  • Add m&ms to the indent in the middle of the cookies



Bon Appétit!


Mango Sweet Salsa

Tonight I had a dinner date with my roommate from the summertime and she made the most DELICIOUS fish tacos with spinach quinoa!


The best part of that meal was her amazing mango sweet salsa, so I obviously had to ask for the recipe and thought I would share it here.  It is one of the easiest and quickest things to make, and it is completely gluten free and dairy free!


  • 1 Fresh Mango
  • 1 Avacado
  • 1 Lime
  • 1 Pineapple
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Onion
  • Salt
  • Hot Sauce


  • Cut up the mango, pineapple, and banana into little cube slices
  • Cut avacado into small chunks
  • Dice onions and saute
  • Mix onions, avacado and fruit together
  • Squeeze a half of lime and mix
  • Add a teaspoon of hot sauce and mix
  • Keep in refrigerator until cool and serve


Bon Appétit

A Little Inspiration

There are times when there are so many things going on, and we feel as if we haven’t been able to stand still for days.  We put too much on our plate and try our very hardest to juggle around what life throws at us.  Sometimes all we need to get us through the day is a little teaspoon of inspiration.  I found this video through a friend and I thought it was just the sweetest thing!  This kid looks no older than 6, yet he has a better understanding of life than many of us do.

So here is a little pick me up that I thought I’d share:


Winter Nail Polish

I might be a little late with jumping on the bandwagon for this season’s nail colors, but I just discovered OPI’s new Skyfall Collection and I absolutely love it!  This collection was inspired by the 50th anniversary of James Bond, as well as the release of the new movie.

skyfallIt’s always fun to be extremely girly and dress ourselves up, including our nails.  These colors are very fun, sexy and go with pretty much any outfit for every occasion!

Out of My Element

out of my element

What do you do when you feel your life is becoming stagnant?  I am 20 years old and my sophomore year in college is half way done.  I already spend too much time conjuring up fantasies that I think I should be having, where there is always an adventure to be had, incredibly interesting people to meet, and a whirlwind romance.  Of course most people don’t lead this kind of life, but I can’t help but wonder if it does exist.

I started my first few days of 2013 with not the best attitude – I was becoming restless from sitting at home in South Florida and I dreaded returning to school to have the same boring routine I had fall semester.  I wanted to have something exciting to look forward to everyday, or at least to be busy enough where I wouldn’t think about being bored.  I mostly wanted to be able to look at each day and see something special or intriguing in it.

I asked for some excitement in my life, and boy did I get it!  Spring semester began this week and I had just been given a research position working with leukemia cells.  I show up to the lab on Monday and am taught many procedures and experiments that we will be conducting in the next few months.  There were new people to meet, equipment I have no idea how to use, and tons of publications to read with terminology that can’t possibly be English.  I was extremely overwhelmed and completely out of my element.  I have never been more intimidated in my life, and yet I haven’t been this excited about something in ages.  As stressful as this semester will be to find time to balance difficult classes, research, and maybe sleep once in a while, this was exactly what I wanted and what I need.

I realized that as sudden as all of this seemed to creep up on me, I do have to give myself credit for taking the initiative to go out there and find something new and exciting to do with my life.  A new research position contained everything I had wished for; a challenging activity, new people to meet, and the certainty of never having a dull moment.

Although this week hasn’t even ended yet, I have learned a few valuable things:

Do not be afraid to ask questions: I have always been a prideful person and would sometimes avoid asking a question because I didn’t want to appear unintelligent to anybody.  That is a foolish thing to do and the only way you can learn and grow is by asking questions.  There really is no dumb question and people in face appreciate your questions because it shows you are truly interested and committed.

Do not let intimidation control you: Most of us take advantage of the comforts we usually have where we are aware of our surroundings, and understand everything that is going on around us at any point in time.  Stepping out of your element can indeed strip you of all your comforts.  Instead of shying away and being afraid of the unknown, embrace the challenges you are facing and just know that in time you will understand things you never thought you could before.

You really need to work for something you love:  Like myself and many others out there, most things in life have come fairly easy to us, and I for one have certainly taken that for granted.  Until recently, I have understood everything I was taught almost instantly and did not really need to study for long periods of time to do well on tests.  However, that glory of being successful without effort becomes meaningless and unfulfilling.  When you find something that intrigues you, let it suck you in completely and work harder than you ever have before.  The feeling you get when a lightbulb finally turns on in your head and you understand something beats any easy A I have ever achieved.

I have a good feeling that this semester, and even year will definitely be an adventure for all of us. We just have to remember to appreciate the opportunities given to us and to make the best of them!


New Year, New Outlook

new eyar

When the clock strikes midnight each year, my stomach drops and I get this crazy sensation and even worry that yet another year has flown by right before my eyes.  When you take a second to reflect, it’s actually astonishing how so much can happen in one short year.  2012 for me could be described as rocky, yet a million things happened to make it exciting all at the same time.  I do not really believe in new years resolutions, however I do think it is important to make changes that will improve our lives, and not just one year.  The key to a great year consists of a few little things that will automatically make us happier.

  • Do not sweat the small things:  Learn to be able to let the little things that bother you slide by because in the long run they are not worth your aggravation and they most certainly are not worth fighting over.  Going with the flow is the best method to live your life, because there are no expectations, and therefore no disappointment.
  • Prioritize:  Determining which things are most important to do at specific times is crucial to enjoying your life.  Sometimes that means studying for an exam instead of going to a party, or sometimes it means canceling a night with your guy in order to help a friend who is in need of a little cheering up.  There is no exact order at which certain tasks should be ranked in importance, for situations change all the time and it is up to you to do what is best for yourself and those around you.
  • Take risks:  Our lives are built up on memories and the only way to make our memories, well memorable, is by doing things we wouldn’t normally do and by going places you have never been.  It is very important to step outside your comfort zone and try new things, whether it be joining a new club, learning to dance, going on a date, or even exploring the rainforest of South America.
  • Accept change:  Believe it or not, change is inevitable and it is what makes our lives healthy and lively.  To be in a strict routine is not a proper way to live, for your life becomes stagnant and without purpose.  There is no doubt that change can be hard, but as long as you embrace it and accept it as much as you can, transition won’t be as hard.  Let go of all the hate and resentment, forget those who have wronged you, and look forward to a better chapter.

No matter how amazing, challenging, awful, or exciting 2012 was for you, this next year will for certain be an improvement on the last and we only have great things in front of us!  I am certainly looking forward to spending time with friends (old and new), starting a new research position, and trying new things that will allow me to enjoy my life.  2013 will be our year and I can’t wait to see what is in store.  Cheers to a wonderful new year!

Life is Fragile

Words cannot even begin to describe how devastating our world can sometimes be.  What happened today in Connecticut is unfathomable and such a tragedy.  I can’t seem to understand how sick a person must be to believe that they have the right to take a way a person’s life, let alone the lives of 20 children!  My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families, and all those affected by this detrimental shooting.

When things like this happen it really makes you take a step back and realize that most of us take our lives for granted, especially when our lives could be ended in a split second.  I think it is crucial to remember that no matter how hard life seems to be, and no matter how angry you might be at someone, there is always someone else who is worse off than you are.  Life is definitely precious yet extremely fragile.  I for one will make more of a conscious effort to appreciate my life more and love both the good and the bad.

Make sure your life is fulfilled each day, and don’t wait until your older to be happy and enjoy your life, for you never know how short life can actually be.  Forget about grudges, laugh a lot, and say I love you each day to the people you care most about.