Parachute Pants

So after successfully surviving my first week in Spain there are many things I have learned.  Besides the amazing architecture, beautiful landscape, and delicious food there is something else I have also noticed; some of the latest Spanish fashion trends, which I have to say are a little out there.  However one of my favorite clothing items that are being sold all over Granada are parachute pants!!





Not only do these look crazy comfy, but they also come in some really unique patterns!  They sell them really cheap in the Arab markets and I am definitely buying at least 3 pairs!


Winter Nail Polish

I might be a little late with jumping on the bandwagon for this season’s nail colors, but I just discovered OPI’s new Skyfall Collection and I absolutely love it!  This collection was inspired by the 50th anniversary of James Bond, as well as the release of the new movie.

skyfallIt’s always fun to be extremely girly and dress ourselves up, including our nails.  These colors are very fun, sexy and go with pretty much any outfit for every occasion!

Halloween – 25 Timeless Movie Costumes

It’s one of my favorite times of the year again… HALLOWEEN!

I love everything about Halloween; the decorations, the pumpkins, the fall weather, the scary masks that I have nightmares about, candy, and of course costumes!

Every year I am faced with the same dilemma of what to dress up as for Halloween.  Usually I base my outfit on the environment I will be in, whether it’s trick or treating, a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, or a party.

Then there is always the issue of choosing a costume that is outdated.  It would be really unfortunate to show up in a costume and have NO ONE compliment you or at least comment on your efforts.  This is why I have come up with a list of movie characters that will always be acceptable to dress up as!  The great thing about these characters are most of the costumes are easy and cheap to get and everybody recognizes them almost immediately.

Without further adieu:

1. The Wizard of Oz

2. Star Wars

3. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

4. Pink Ladies and T-birds from Grease

5. Harry Potter

6. Monty Python

7. Batman and Joker

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

9. The Shining

10. John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever

11. Rocky Horror Picture Show

12. Risky Business (my costume this year)

13. Addams Family

14. Dumb and Dumber

15. Ace Ventura

16. Elf

17. Blues Brothers

18. Annie

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

20. Charlie Brown

21. The Incredibles

22. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

23. Zoolander

24. Spiderman

25. Indiana Jones

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and get creative with your costume.

Happy Halloween!

Summer Trend: Bright Jeans

Despite the exhausting heat here in Florida, I have noticed that many women will still brave it out and wear jeans in the summertime.  I suppose if you are going to suffer through the heat, you might as well do it with style!  This summer the new trend to watch out for are bright jeans, coming in almost every color in the rainbow.

These jeans are super cute and can actually match with a lot more things than you would think!  Pair these up with a solid color top, some cute wedges, a bulky necklace and you’re ready to go!

You can purchase these pants at many stores and online, including, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, and J.Crew.

Color blocking is very popular nowadays, so wearing these pants with another bright color could also add to the “summer” feel of your style!

The way I see it, these colored pants probably won’t go out of style anytime soon, seeing as you can keep it simple by pairing them with a solid black top, or by taking some risks and wearing another colorful top or bright shoes with them.  They are definitely worth an investment!

Apartment Decor Galore!

In August, I will be moving into my very first apartment with 3 of my best friends!  I could not be more excited and am in utter shock at how old I feel.  Lately I have become a woman of obsession, as all I have been thinking and dreaming about, day and night, is how we are going to decorate the apartment.  After discussing with my roommates, we have come to a conclusion; our individual rooms will be decorated however each of us please, but for the living room and kitchen area, we will create a peaceful sanctuary with earthy tones.  For those looking to decorate their homes/apartments, you can’t go wrong with a nature/earthy theme because it consists of gender neutral colors, the colors are warm and inviting, and the colors can easily blend well with just about any decoration or piece of furniture.

Here’s what we have been thinking for our apartment!

The Walls:  Since we really don’t want the hassle of painting our apartment because we are only leasing for a year so far, a great way to add some design and creativity to a room is to hang up some awesome tapestries!

Urban Outfitters

Lighting:  Since we are young and hip college students, we though that hanging some white Christmas lights either in the living room or kitchen would look pretty awesome.

Mirrors:  Hanging up mirrors with an old fashioned wooden look really makes an apartment seem cozy and homey.


Pottery Barn

Throws and Pillows:  Keeping up with our earthy theme, these pillows and throw would look great with our black couches.




Miscellaneous Decorations: Pieces like these provide accents to each room and spice up the creativity!


Urban Outfitters

I can’t wait to move into my apartment this fall and I feel so lucky to be living with the most amazing roommates ever! Get ready ladies!

Summer 2012 Nail Polish

It’s that time of the year ladies! Time to slim down, slip on those bikinis and catch some sun!  Not only will people be watching out for the latest trends in sun dresses, jean shorts, and crop tops, but summer nail polish is crucial for any outfit and occasion!  Luckily, I have done my research and have come up with my favorites of a few of the popular collections for this season.  It seems as though this summer the trend is to have lots of bright and vibrant colors, which is definitely different from last season’s pastels and soft colors.

First off is the new summer collection from Essie.  I love these colors they are super bright and fun

bikini so teeny

all tied up

cascade cool

fear or desire

These next few are some of my favorites from the new OPI Holland collection!

a roll in the hauge

pedal faster Suzi!

thanks a windmillion

kiss me on my tulips

But my favorite of all has got to be Zoya’s Beach and Surf collection for this summer!

Aren’t these colors great?!

Reagan, Lara, Shelby, Arizona, Tracie, Wednesday

Whatever color you’re in the mood for, this summer’s collection of colors are sure to make a statement! Have fun dressing up your nails!

Put Some Makeup On

This post is going to sound extremely superficial, but I’m telling you, it’s the truth!

It has proven itself time and time again that, when you are feeling totally down in the dumps, applying just a little bit of makeup to your face can automatically change your mood and make you feel better!

Let’s face it, all women have those days when we are feeling absolutely hideous, for no reason whatsoever, nor do we know why we’re feeling that way.  Either our hair is flat, or we’ve broken out in pimples, or we are just in a bad mood in general, so we therefore feel ugly as well.  I am not saying we need to be only concerned with our outside appearances, because obviously inner beauty is where it’s at and is most important, but sometimes we just need that extra touch to give us the confidence boost we need. It’s as simple as this: put on a little mascara, a little blush, and a little lip color and you will look great and feel a million times better! For me, not worrying about my outer appearance lowers my stress level and allows me to be more fun and friendly.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, put on some makeup when you’re not feeling too hot and it will brighten your darkest days and help you go from this:

To this:

So if you’re all upset, do us all a favor and put some makeup on!

Change Your Hair Part

Us women are always looking for something to new change about ourselves to make us appear fresh and stylish, whether it be a new blouse, a new handbag, or new eyeshadow.  However, the simplest way to change up your look is to change the side that your hair falls on.  It’s easy, it’s free and it’s really effective in people asking you if you did something to your hair, but they just cannot figure out what it is!

Whether you want to sweep it to the side

or play it safe in the middle

Changing your hair part can truly change the way your face appears and allows to try different  hairstyles with it such as straight, curly, beach waves, or even braids!

I personally have had my hair parted to the side for about 10 years and have never tried something new with it.  I think I will try to rock the middle part tonight when I go out with my friends!

We’re Bringing Hula Back

Now that my first year as a college student has come to an end, I can say that I have attended a decent number of clubs, concerts, and raves (almost an alliteration). What I have noticed though, is that at many of these events there is a certain popular childhood toy that is making a surprising comeback; hula-hoops!

These hula-hoops are not the dainty little hoops we used to use as children in contests:

These are the real deal; they are thicker and heavier with a lot of noisy beads inside, and most of them have either these psychedelic patterns or LED lights that paint the sky with vibrant colors as you spin them around.

It blows my mind that they make hula-hoops for adults; I don’t think you can get more awesome than that!  The first time I saw a woman with a glowing hula-hoop at a club, I thought it was extremely strange, but then she offered the hoop for me to try, and I suddenly discovered a brand new and fun way to jam out and dance to music!

Now, I don’t know how much these hula-hoops are, but I will definitely be investing some money to buy one in the near future, or I might even try a DIY and attempt to make my own.  I see these hula-hoops as a win-win situation; you have an awesome toy to shake your hips with, and if you bring them to parties, it’s a great way to make new friends!  So, with that being said, if you ever see these hula-hoops being used at a party or a concert, try them!  I guarantee you will find someone with one because they seem to be everywhere and I fully support this mainstreaming of hula-hoops.


So today I caught up with some friends at the beach and it got me thinking about how going to the beach or a public pool used to be one of my biggest fears; all due to what you may ask? My super pale, almost translucent skin.  Recently, however, I have gained an unexpected sense of self confidence and have learned to love my pale skin and to stop comparing myself to the golden beach bums that are my friends.

So Instead of tirelessly going outside every day and putting tanning oil on thinking that this time you will turn out like this:

But instead you look like this…

I have come up with a list of reasons why having pale skin is awesome:

  1. You will develop wrinkles much later in life than most people who tan throughout their lives.
  2. In other cultures the “porcelain” skin tone is the ideal color for a woman and is to be treasured.
  3. Since you’re basically a white slate, any color clothing looks good on you!
  4. The same goes for lipsticks.
  5. The same goes for hair colors.
  6. The same goes for nail polish.
  7. Now a days tan skin is “too common” so think of yourself as unique.
  8. Pores are less visible on lighter skin.
  9. Maintaining pale skin reduces your chances of developing skin cancer.
  10. Your skin always looks super soft and clean.

PLEASE disregard the preconceived notion that “tan girls are hotter than pale girls,” and “guys only like tan girls,” because it is absolutely not true!  Light skin is classic and timeless, and trust me when I say that there are plenty of guys who prefer girls with pale skin.  So stop stressing over the fact that you will never be tan and start embracing your rare trait, in these times, that is your pale skin!