Happy Deaf Awareness Week!

This week is International Deaf Awareness Week!

Let’s celebrate the awesome deaf culture that consists of 1/3 of our world’s population


Love, a fellow signer.


Perspective Changes

What do you do when you realize you need to change all of your ways because life is moving faster than you expected?

Yes, I am talking about the fact that this school year  I WILL BE TAKING THE MCAT AND APPLYING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL.

It is so unfathomable to think that my friends and I are quickly approaching the deadline to where our timeline of being careless kids will come to an end.  This is also the time in our lives where things get really serious really quickly, and I am already starting to see this harsh reality take a toll on many people, including myself.

First, you may run around having a whirlwind mental break down, because all of your habits and ways of life are coming to an end.

You may even contemplate doing something insane like this:

But please, Don’t.

It is always going to be sad when an important stage of our lives ends and a new chapter begins, but it can also be exciting and unpredictable!

What’s most important, and has been the hardest lesson so far for me, is knowing how to prioritize the things in my life.  I am currently crowned queen of procrastination and have earned the nickname “Last Minute Briana” from both my family and friends.  For a while I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic aspect of what that meant, but recently I have realized that it is setting me up for disaster.  It’s extremely difficult to tell yourself you want to sit in a library and read about posttranslational regulation of enzymes,  when you have so many other fun things you could be doing.  Friends, parties, dinners, boyfriends, movies, you name it!  All of these are the best distractions in the world.  This all sounds pretty immature and foolish of me, and for many people, forcing yourself to sit and study isn’t a problem, however it is a real struggle that many people like myself experience.

But that’s the funny thing about life — I truly believe that eventually, and just in time, everyone finds their way and has this epiphany that checks us into reality and sets us up for what we need to be doing to achieve our hopes and dreams.

I don’t know how it happened, but I have this feeling that living in Spain this summer changed the way I view life, as well as changed my desires for the future.  I saw how wonderful of a life the Spaniards live, and how happy they are just to be alive and how the hustle bustle of the American life does not appeal to them even in the slightest.  It made me realize that one day, I hope to be as happy as them while balancing a successful job and a healthy family.  I also realized that the only way to do this is to just snap out of it, stop procrastinating, and buckle down.  There is no point in putting off what will only help us in our future.

For the past two weeks I have actually stuck to my word about changing my time management habits, and I can’t even believe how better and accomplished I already feel!  It’s incredible how changing one simple thing – my priorities – can change both my perspective and goals.

The point is, life isn’t always fun and games.  We do need to work hard, extremely hard for what we want, and nobody is going to help us but ourselves.  It is completely possible to break out of lifelong habits.  Do this and we will all be awesome.

Happy Father’s Day – Top 5 Best Daddy Daughter Movies

Today is one of the most important days of the year, where we celebrate our fathers.  I for one am the absolute luckiest girl in the world because I can confidently say that my dad beats everyone else’s.  My dad is my very best friend in the world; I tell him everything, from what I’m learning in school, to the latest gossip in my life, and to even all my boy stories.  I can also say that I feel very lucky to have a father who is young, but most importantly will always be young at heart.  He is the bravest man I know because not only will he face plant a million times while mountain biking, he will also gladly sit on the couch and watch Mean Girls with me – and enjoy it.  The older I become, and the more I experience each day I can relate to my dad more and more, and we are able to have deep conversations that I think are helping shape who I am.  So this post is dedicated to my amazing dad, whom I love with all my heart!


Another reason why I love Father’s Day is because there really is no relationship that compares to one between a father and a daughter.  It is a special bond that can’t really be described and whenever I watch a movie centered around that relationship I get all emotional and embarrassed – typical.  So with that, here is a list of the best father daughter movies!

What A Girl Wants

Despicable Me

I Am Sam

The Parent Trap

Father of the Bride

Completing a Bucket List Item Unintentionally

Pleasant surprises can occur at any time and any place.

Two weeks ago while traveling in Seville, Spain, my group and I were visiting the Saint Mary Cathedral.  While walking around I took in all of the wonder and beauty of this intricately designed place of worship.

Then our tour guide proudly said “The Saint Mary Cathedral is the 3rd largest cathedral in Europe, next to St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Pauls.”

Thinking nothing of it at first, my mind did a double take thought and I suddenly realized that I have visited all three of those cathedrals!

Two years ago I went on a Euro Trip to London, Paris, Florence and Rome and visited the two largest cathedrals.  I suddenly was overwhelmed with excitement of the thought that I could cross something off of my grand life bucket list – even though that had not originally been on it!

1. St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican in Rome Italy

st peters

st peters1

St. Pauls Cathedral – London, England

st paul1

st paul

3. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See – Seville, Spain




Hey, you learn something everyday huh? 

Parachute Pants

So after successfully surviving my first week in Spain there are many things I have learned.  Besides the amazing architecture, beautiful landscape, and delicious food there is something else I have also noticed; some of the latest Spanish fashion trends, which I have to say are a little out there.  However one of my favorite clothing items that are being sold all over Granada are parachute pants!!





Not only do these look crazy comfy, but they also come in some really unique patterns!  They sell them really cheap in the Arab markets and I am definitely buying at least 3 pairs!