Happy Father’s Day – Top 5 Best Daddy Daughter Movies

Today is one of the most important days of the year, where we celebrate our fathers.  I for one am the absolute luckiest girl in the world because I can confidently say that my dad beats everyone else’s.  My dad is my very best friend in the world; I tell him everything, from what I’m learning in school, to the latest gossip in my life, and to even all my boy stories.  I can also say that I feel very lucky to have a father who is young, but most importantly will always be young at heart.  He is the bravest man I know because not only will he face plant a million times while mountain biking, he will also gladly sit on the couch and watch Mean Girls with me – and enjoy it.  The older I become, and the more I experience each day I can relate to my dad more and more, and we are able to have deep conversations that I think are helping shape who I am.  So this post is dedicated to my amazing dad, whom I love with all my heart!


Another reason why I love Father’s Day is because there really is no relationship that compares to one between a father and a daughter.  It is a special bond that can’t really be described and whenever I watch a movie centered around that relationship I get all emotional and embarrassed – typical.  So with that, here is a list of the best father daughter movies!

What A Girl Wants

Despicable Me

I Am Sam

The Parent Trap

Father of the Bride


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