Completing a Bucket List Item Unintentionally

Pleasant surprises can occur at any time and any place.

Two weeks ago while traveling in Seville, Spain, my group and I were visiting the Saint Mary Cathedral.  While walking around I took in all of the wonder and beauty of this intricately designed place of worship.

Then our tour guide proudly said “The Saint Mary Cathedral is the 3rd largest cathedral in Europe, next to St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Pauls.”

Thinking nothing of it at first, my mind did a double take thought and I suddenly realized that I have visited all three of those cathedrals!

Two years ago I went on a Euro Trip to London, Paris, Florence and Rome and visited the two largest cathedrals.  I suddenly was overwhelmed with excitement of the thought that I could cross something off of my grand life bucket list – even though that had not originally been on it!

1. St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican in Rome Italy

st peters

st peters1

St. Pauls Cathedral – London, England

st paul1

st paul

3. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See – Seville, Spain




Hey, you learn something everyday huh? 


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