Turning the Big 20

On November 8th, I officially left my teenage years and turned 20…I am still trying to wrap my head around this.

For a while now I had been thinking about what it really means to be turning 20 years old, and I found out it’s actually a pretty big deal.  Aside from beating teenage pregnancy, entering your 20’s is a very scary time.  This is the decade that we graduate college, start our careers, buy a house, and even hopefully get married and start a family!  It’s insane to think how drastic my life will be changing in the next few years and it’s all because I turned 20.

In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I started to think of this and it obviously made me have a 1/5th life crisis.  While many others think 20 is still young, and despite the fact that I still look like I am 16, I AM SO OLD!  I keep thinking of where and how the time went by so fast and it is times like these that I am so grateful for my good memory because I can still remember sitting in time out in kindergarten as if it were yesterday.

Nevertheless, despite my anxiety I still managed to have one of the best birthdays yet and it’s all thanks to my amazing friends!

The day started with my friends bursting into my room early in the morning and without letting me fix my hair or put on any makeup, they blindfolded me, dressed me in ridiculous clothes and kidnapped me.  They loaded me into a car and drove around for an hour with many stops that consisted of a donut suddenly being shoved in my mouth and a cat shelter just to name a few.  Finally we came to a stop and I was allowed to take my blindfold off; we were at Bagels and Noodles and my friends treated me to a lovely brunch, while still wearing this ridiculous outfit.

Here was the finishing product…

I have no shame

That was only the morning… I came home to find my bedroom filled with balloons and streamers and of course a chocolate cake!  Later that night I was on my way to dinner with what I thought was only a few friends from my sorority and I walked into the restaurant only to find all of my friends waiting there at the table with presents and a cake!  It was such a great surprise and I had no idea they planned all of this.  The night continued where we all went on a super fun woodser and partied with bubba kegs, a bonfire, and a band.

All in all I had an incredible birthday and my friends went above and beyond!  It goes to show you that no matter how upset or anxious you might be about turning a certain age, as long as you have good friends to celebrate with, any age is a golden age.

So here’s to turning 20 and to an exciting and unpredictable 20 more!  🙂


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