Election Day

Today marks another monumental day in American history.  Putting aside all of the vicious political arguments, every single American who is eligible, should absolutely be voting in this election.  When you think about it on a personal level, one vote doesn’t seem like much of a contribution, in fact, elections are almost never decided by a matter of one vote.  If every single person thought this way though, these elections would not be as fair chance and there would be millions of people complaining about a man in charge that they did not help to elect.

I believe that this particular election is personally and emotionally affecting citizens of this country because both candidates could potentially change our nation drastically.  While both candidates are trying to please everyone, their beliefs could not be more opposing, and it is important for voters to be educated on these.  These decisions that our next president makes will be directly affecting YOU and your families.  As a young female college student entering the working world not to far from now, I am thinking about job opportunities, health care, energy conservation, if all of my friends are able to get married, and maybe how and when I want to have my own children.

I am not going to explain both platforms of this election, however I strongly encourage voters to be educated before making your decisions, as it takes a mere 10 minutes to research what each candidate plans to do if elected president.  Consider all aspects of how these changes will affect our country; think how they will affect yourself, your future children, your friends, minority groups, etc…

It is important to think of the big picture here.  Choose the person who will help this country to continue to move forward and make changes that will benefit and positively affect the millions of people who live in the US.   The president cannot implement policies himself, however vote for the person who will not give up and will be persistent in giving the people what they need.

After today, we will have a president, regardless of if he is the person you wanted or not.  The ONLY way to help shape this election is for you to vote.  One small vote really does count and we can all have a say in this together.


One thought on “Election Day

  1. Well, it really doesn’t matter much if you vote for President in any of the non-battleground states. If you live in a solid blue or red state, the Presidential contest was decided the day they announced the candidates’ names. BUT, there’s all those local candidates and laws to vote about.

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