Halloween – 25 Timeless Movie Costumes

It’s one of my favorite times of the year again… HALLOWEEN!

I love everything about Halloween; the decorations, the pumpkins, the fall weather, the scary masks that I have nightmares about, candy, and of course costumes!

Every year I am faced with the same dilemma of what to dress up as for Halloween.  Usually I base my outfit on the environment I will be in, whether it’s trick or treating, a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, or a party.

Then there is always the issue of choosing a costume that is outdated.  It would be really unfortunate to show up in a costume and have NO ONE compliment you or at least comment on your efforts.  This is why I have come up with a list of movie characters that will always be acceptable to dress up as!  The great thing about these characters are most of the costumes are easy and cheap to get and everybody recognizes them almost immediately.

Without further adieu:

1. The Wizard of Oz

2. Star Wars

3. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

4. Pink Ladies and T-birds from Grease

5. Harry Potter

6. Monty Python

7. Batman and Joker

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

9. The Shining

10. John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever

11. Rocky Horror Picture Show

12. Risky Business (my costume this year)

13. Addams Family

14. Dumb and Dumber

15. Ace Ventura

16. Elf

17. Blues Brothers

18. Annie

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

20. Charlie Brown

21. The Incredibles

22. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

23. Zoolander

24. Spiderman

25. Indiana Jones

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and get creative with your costume.

Happy Halloween!