Take Me For What I Am – Blame It On The Zodiac

Basically from now on I am officially judging everyone I meet by their zodiac signs… (not really).  However, I do think we should consider these when we observe how people handle certain situations.  Knowing someone’s zodiac sign could be the perfect explanation to some of the behaviors they exhibit.  For example, I am a Scorpio, the fiercest of them all if I do say so myself, and it is actually frightening how perfectly I fit the description of this zodiac sign.  You can either recognize that you posses these traits and use them to blame as an excuse for your behavior, or you can try to tone down the not so good ones by developing patience and understanding.









I’m not really sure how much of this I actually believe, but in my experience, all of my friends possess and act almost exactly the way each of their zodiac signs describe them as.  I think people should use this to their advantage to find out more about a person by simply finding out their birthdays.  I decided to write about this because the other night I had the funniest conversation with my friend about how accurate zodiac signs seem to be, and apparently she caught onto this early on and told me a few reasons why knowing someone’s zodiac sign can help.  First of all, it is great to look up the zodiac sign of a guy you meet and start talking to to see if there is anything you should be aware of and if they are potentially compatible with your sign.  My friend told me she looks them up all the time to scope out “eligible bachelors.”  In addition, knowing some of the traits of a friend’s zodiac sign can prepare you to deal with them when they are in a rough situation, or if you are in a fight with them.  This might also help you understand a person better if you seem to feel a barrier, or if there is confusion between you and a friend or partner.

Despite all of that, everyone is unique regardless of their zodiac sign and you can’t base all of your assumptions on this.  However, these are traits that people are born with and some will possess them forever.  Instead of fighting the bad qualities in a person, recognize them and accept people for what they are because nobody is perfect and you will never find someone that is so perfectly compatible that you will never have an argument with them.  It is possible to work past peoples’ flaws and opposite behaviors by showing compassion and understanding.  I use myself as an example when I say that I know I, a scorpio, am a lot to handle and can be very difficult at times, but as I belt out “Take me for what I am,” from RENT, I realize that while maturity allows me to suppress my intense emotions, I can’t help if I feel them once in a while.

I decided to play a sort of game and compare all of my friends to their signs and, it did in fact explain a lot of their strange and inexplicable behaviors, which made me laugh and love them even more!  Zodiac signs are fun and I will definitely keep them in mind the next time I meet someone new just to see if they do actually end up helping me!


3 thoughts on “Take Me For What I Am – Blame It On The Zodiac

  1. A fantastic book to read on this topic is Sextrology. Amazing. I believe in the Zodiac quite a bit, as all the people I’ve met seem to display the mannerisms associated with their sign almost perfectly. Including myself. Sagittarius is written all over everything I…well…write 🙂

    Mistress M

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