The Importance of Friends

It is absolutely true what they say; rely on quality, not quantity when it comes to choosing your friends.  I cannot believe how many things happen in a year and how my life has drastically changed in such a short time span!  Just last year, I was stuck in high school, miserable because I had a lot on my plate without a strong support system of friends and all I did everyday was count down the days until my life would change for the better.  My biggest wish was to make the most amazing friends in the world and it’s crazy how quickly that wish came true.

Basically, on my first few days at UF, I found myself instantly connecting to these awesome people, some of which were old camp friends, some in my classes, and some living in my dorm.  All of a sudden this awesome group of friends had formed consisting of people with the most dynamic and witty personalities you could ever imagine.  For the first time in my life, I was meeting people who understood me and were on the same maturity level as me and it felt amazing.  The great thing about college is you don’t have to be friends with everyone, nor do you have to be fake to anyone either; there are too many people at this university for there to be an “in crowd,” so everyone can go at their own pace and really find the people who matter the most and will positively impact our lives.

Most people meet their best friends at early childhood, but I had to wait 18 years to meet mine, and I can definitely say it was well worth the wait because I know they will be my lifelong friends!  I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision or not to attend UF, but I’m glad life has forced me down this path, otherwise I would have never met my friends.  I have never met a group of such wonderful people who have cared so much, have put up with me, and have been there for me through good times and bad times.  I feel so lucky and happy to have these people in my life and I love them so much!  Here’s to all the best friends in this world, and may they keep on inspiring us everyday!


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