Why Daydreaming Ruins My Life

Throughout my life, I have come to fine that nothing good ever comes out of daydreaming!  Not only do you lose focus of whatever task you are trying to complete or pay attention to, you end up conjuring these crazy and unrealistic ideas of how you should be on an African Safari in the afternoon and then suddenly be at the Oscars giving your thank you speech (at least that’s what I day-dream about).

Here are some of the humorous experiences I’ve had to prove that daydreaming ruins peoples lives:

  • Kindergarten: I was daydreaming as I walked to the bathroom stationed inside the classroom.  I never opened the bathroom door because I thought I was already inside.  The conclusion to this: an entire class laughing at you with your pants down.
  • 2nd Grade: While at Disney World, I was too busy daydreaming while sitting on a bench that I missed meeting my favorite princess, Snow White, who just walked right by me.
  • 5th Grade: During aftercare, I was too busy daydreaming and missed my chance to slap the big pile of cards during the game “Spit” to win, and lost the game.
  • 8th Grade: At sleep away camp, I learned the term “Nose Goes,” which we use when we don’t want to complete a chore.  I was too busy daydreaming at lunch that I missed the “nose goes,” and had to fill up the water pitcher ever 2 minutes throughout the meal.
  • 9th Grade: I was casted to play Cha Cha in our school’s performance of Grease.  Of course, because I had begun to daydream while waiting for my turn to go on stage, I missed my cue, causing an awkward 3 minutes of silence on the stage.
  • 9th Grade: While getting ready for school, I was too busy daydreaming that I had only  straightened half of my head of hair.  Since I ran out of time before being late to school, I was forced to walk through school all day with half straight, half frizzy hair.
  • 10th Grade: Since my AP World History test was so boring and confusing, I began to daydream and only left myself 10 minutes to write 3 essays.
  • 11th Grade: I was really tired and began to daydream during lunch, which resulted in my spilling my salad dressing all over my white shirt.
  • 11th Grade: I was daydreaming during AP Chemistry and what I thought was a worksheet answered, ended up being a creative collection of artistic swirls that I was forced to turn in.
  • 12th Grade: I was daydreaming during the homecoming football game that I was late to bring in the crowns and sashes to give to the homecoming court.
  • Freshman Year at UF: I was daydreaming on the bus and missed my stop 3 times.
  • Every Single Day in Organic Chemistry: I daydream and miss my entire lecture.

I’m telling you guys, daydreaming is out to get us and we must use all our might and strength to fight the daydreaming because it creeps up on us when we least expect it!


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