Would You Choose Love Over Career?

We have seen this situation a million times, whether it’s on a TV show, or a movie, or even in books; people are sometimes faced with the decision to choose either love or their career.

Either way, both are tremendous risks to take, but sometimes it is confusing as to which decision is the best one.  Once a decision is made, it either always at first seems to be the wrong on and then something good happens because of it, or at first it seems to be the right decision and then it blows up in your face.

I am too young and inexperienced right now to fully decide which risk I would take if it came down to it, but earlier this year I did question if the career path I was choosing was the right one for me.  Becoming a doctor is a long, rough, and very time-consuming path to take, and this would mean putting aside most things I would really want such as marriage and a family for quite some time.  For a while, I had my entire life all planned out, from the age I was getting married to the year I would be buying a house, but obviously life throws curve balls and you cannot rely on having your life turn out exactly the way you picture it to be.

I come from a family of really young parents, and really young grandparents who were always super involved in my life, and therefore I share a special bond with my family members because they aren’t just my elders they are my best friends.  Since I grew up in this environment, this is how I pictured my own family turning out.  However, if I were to become a doctor, I would be in school for the next 7 years, and then must undergo residency, and won’t be an established attendee until I’m basically 30.  That leaves little room for kids, and a normal life, which really worried me and almost caused me to switch my major this year.  But then I remembered something important: I have always dreamed of being a doctor, I feel it is what I am meant to be, and I know I would enjoy it every day.  I had to stop sticking to my little strict plan, which would have caused me to choose love (a young family with husband and kids) over a career that I am truly interested in.  I don’t know which decision is right or which is wrong, but a career path is one of the only certain things in our lives, so I think it might be too risky to give that up just for the potential of finding love and raising a family young.

The way I see it is this: do what you love, work towards your goals, and the rest will all fall in line, even if it ends up being later in life than you expected it.  Follow your heart and you usually will pick the right choice, even if it doesn’t always appear that way instantaneously.  Everything happens for a reason, and although our lives are shaped based on our decisions, good always comes from bad and one bad decision will not ruin everything, your life might just take a different path then planned and that’s perfectly okay.

What would be your decision?  Would you choose love over career?


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