Apartment Decor Galore!

In August, I will be moving into my very first apartment with 3 of my best friends!  I could not be more excited and am in utter shock at how old I feel.  Lately I have become a woman of obsession, as all I have been thinking and dreaming about, day and night, is how we are going to decorate the apartment.  After discussing with my roommates, we have come to a conclusion; our individual rooms will be decorated however each of us please, but for the living room and kitchen area, we will create a peaceful sanctuary with earthy tones.  For those looking to decorate their homes/apartments, you can’t go wrong with a nature/earthy theme because it consists of gender neutral colors, the colors are warm and inviting, and the colors can easily blend well with just about any decoration or piece of furniture.

Here’s what we have been thinking for our apartment!

The Walls:  Since we really don’t want the hassle of painting our apartment because we are only leasing for a year so far, a great way to add some design and creativity to a room is to hang up some awesome tapestries!

Urban Outfitters

Lighting:  Since we are young and hip college students, we though that hanging some white Christmas lights either in the living room or kitchen would look pretty awesome.

Mirrors:  Hanging up mirrors with an old fashioned wooden look really makes an apartment seem cozy and homey.


Pottery Barn

Throws and Pillows:  Keeping up with our earthy theme, these pillows and throw would look great with our black couches.




Miscellaneous Decorations: Pieces like these provide accents to each room and spice up the creativity!


Urban Outfitters

I can’t wait to move into my apartment this fall and I feel so lucky to be living with the most amazing roommates ever! Get ready ladies!


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