It’s Ok to Get Away

Sometimes you just need a change of scene and to get away for a few days.  What I’ve discovered is that you don’t really need to go very far in order to escape and have some excitement.

After enduring a vey tough and stressful two weeks all leading up to an organic chemistry test, the last thing I needed was to spend another weekend in Gainesville.  I didn’t want to drive for 5 hours just to be home for a weekend, so instead I decided not to travel too far and visit my friend in Tallahassee.

We had a fabulous time! We ate great food, went to awesome clubs, and explored all of the cool areas of this city from awesome hippie shops, to delicious cupcakes!

Lucy & Leo’s

the cutest sign ever!

I realized that in order to have a great vacation, you do not necessarily need a 5 star resort or a theme park.  Simply going on your own adventure in any random town and discovering neat and interesting things can result in a great weekend!  Therefore, if you feel that you need to “just get away,” don’t even hesitate and go for a drive!


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