Gainesville Summer Bucket List

I am staying in Gainesville, devoting my entire summer to acing Organic Chemistry (hopefully acing).  While it may seem as though spending your entire summer in a college town would be all hustle and bustle, I was completely shocked to find Gainesville turned into a ghost town for the first half of summer session.  I am determined to make this summer an exciting and memorable one, so I took matters into my own hands and did some research.  There are actually a ton of really fun, cheap, and adventurous activities to do in Gainesville!

I’ve made a summer “bucket list” for myself so I can enjoy my time exploring my own city with my friends! (This list is not in any particular order of importance)

1.  Butterfly Rainforest                                                                                                        (SW 34th St. and Hull Road,Florida Museum of Natural History,Gainesville, FL 32611)

A perfect place to go on a date!

2.  Santa Fe Zoo                                                                                                               (3000 83rd Street Gainesville, FL 32608)

There are 70 different species and 250 individual animals.

3.  University of Florida Bat House                                                                             (Museum Road, Lake Alice, Gainesville, FL 32612)

4.  Kanapaha Botanical Gardens                                                                                     (4700 Southwest 58th Drive Gainesville, FL 32608)

Known for having some of the world’s most unusual plants.

5.  Paynes Prairie                                                                                                                (100 Savannah Boulevard Micanopy, Florida 32667)

Lots of wildlife, trails, and nature!

6.  Lillian’s Music Store                                                                                                       (112 SE 1st Ave, Gainesville, FL 32612)

This place has a mellow vibe, and great music.

7.  Tilt 264 Amusements                                                                                                   (6479 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville, Florida 32605)

This place will bring out your inner child!

8.  The Rock Trail- Mountain Biking                                                                                    (2.3 miles west of I-75 on Newberry road and turn left, a sign that says “The Rock”will appear.)

9.  Ginnie Springs                                                                                                             (7300 NE Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643)

A great place to relax down a lazy river with friends.

10.  Devil’s Hole                                                                                                                (Take S-20 towards Hawthorne. Take route CR-21. Turn left onto Lake Galilee Dr. about 1.8 miles from intersection. Travel 150 yards and take a dirt road to the left, just past the first group of mobile homes. Sinkhole will be about 0.5 miles away on the left side.)

This sinkhole’s location is “hidden,” and the only way to find it is if somebody else has been there and relays the directions to you.  Luckily, I have obtained these directions through a friend!

Enjoy Adventure!


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