Change Your Hair Part

Us women are always looking for something to new change about ourselves to make us appear fresh and stylish, whether it be a new blouse, a new handbag, or new eyeshadow.  However, the simplest way to change up your look is to change the side that your hair falls on.  It’s easy, it’s free and it’s really effective in people asking you if you did something to your hair, but they just cannot figure out what it is!

Whether you want to sweep it to the side

or play it safe in the middle

Changing your hair part can truly change the way your face appears and allows to try different  hairstyles with it such as straight, curly, beach waves, or even braids!

I personally have had my hair parted to the side for about 10 years and have never tried something new with it.  I think I will try to rock the middle part tonight when I go out with my friends!


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