The Gift of Listening

This is a very hectic time for me, as I am growing up quicker than I can mentally keep up with, and with that I find myself learning something new every day.  It is truly enriching to recognize that I am growing and changing into a better person and it is all because I have become aware of my surroundings in a sort of outside perspective that allows me to soak up and not overlook little things that can mean so much.

Last night, one of my roommates was really upset, as she is going through a very difficult time right now.  For my whole life, I would listen to people externally, but was always more concerned about my own thoughts and my own life internally.  I don’t know why last night, but this time I chose to truly listen to her stories and her feelings.  I am normally the type of person who is a master at staying detached from a situation and not letting my own emotions get carried away due to their unhappiness, but once I completely opened myself up and authentically wanted to listen to my friend, I cannot even begin to explain the amount of emotions that suddenly rushed to my head.  It was unfamiliar territory, but it was a good thing, because by just simply listening, which comes easily for most people, I was able to fully understand her situation, and I therefore was able to care.  This then led me to be able to try and give the best advice I could.

While people love to hear themselves talk about themselves, me being a victim, I have found that taking a step away from yourself and listening to somebody who needs you instead, is far more rewarding.  Just by listening to other people and taking another’s advice, rather than thinking I’m always right, I have learned more about myself and life in general in just a few short months than I have learned throughout my entire life.

It is important to get off that high horse and stop thinking that all of your troubles are worst off than others, because frankly, everyone is fighting some battle, whether it’s grieving over a loss, getting over a break up, or even trying to pass organic chemistry.  Just listen and you will be amazed at what you will learn.


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