So today I caught up with some friends at the beach and it got me thinking about how going to the beach or a public pool used to be one of my biggest fears; all due to what you may ask? My super pale, almost translucent skin.  Recently, however, I have gained an unexpected sense of self confidence and have learned to love my pale skin and to stop comparing myself to the golden beach bums that are my friends.

So Instead of tirelessly going outside every day and putting tanning oil on thinking that this time you will turn out like this:

But instead you look like this…

I have come up with a list of reasons why having pale skin is awesome:

  1. You will develop wrinkles much later in life than most people who tan throughout their lives.
  2. In other cultures the “porcelain” skin tone is the ideal color for a woman and is to be treasured.
  3. Since you’re basically a white slate, any color clothing looks good on you!
  4. The same goes for lipsticks.
  5. The same goes for hair colors.
  6. The same goes for nail polish.
  7. Now a days tan skin is “too common” so think of yourself as unique.
  8. Pores are less visible on lighter skin.
  9. Maintaining pale skin reduces your chances of developing skin cancer.
  10. Your skin always looks super soft and clean.

PLEASE disregard the preconceived notion that “tan girls are hotter than pale girls,” and “guys only like tan girls,” because it is absolutely not true!  Light skin is classic and timeless, and trust me when I say that there are plenty of guys who prefer girls with pale skin.  So stop stressing over the fact that you will never be tan and start embracing your rare trait, in these times, that is your pale skin!


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